Heat resistant automatic float air vent


Our new Stainless-Steel automatic air-vent PURG-O-MAT VA was specially designed for Water-Systems resistance up to 150°C.

Complete made of AISI 316Ti Stainless Steel for use under extreme conditions up to 10bar or for industrial applications where stainless steel is strongly recommend. Because of the compact size the PURG-O-MAT VA is also installable at places difficult to access.

The new PURG-O-MAT VA is based on the mechanics and housing of the PURG-O-MAT float air vent which has been on the market for more than 30 years now and of which millions have been succesfully sold all over the world. The float inside is made of laser welded stainless steel (CrNi 1.4571) and together with the heat resistant gaskets guaranties functionality without problems up to 150°C.

The standard version is equipped with a „safety leak cap“ which contains hygroscopic fibre discs. These discs will swell when water/liquid seeps out of the valve. Thus the swelled fibre discs will close the valve and avoid leakage, which could occur i. e. by dirt on the valve seat.

As option an „Anti-suction-device“ is screwed into the „safety leak cap“ with an O-Ring. The Anti-suction device has a tiny little retention valve that avoids that air entering the system from outside. It is combined with the safety-leak-cap.